Clone Add-In for Autodesk Fusion 360


Clone is an add-in for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ which clones and transforms the selected bodies. It can be used as a modeling tool to create an array of bodies.

There are controls for:

  • Selecting bodies
  • Selecting the center point for Rotation and Scale
  • Setting the quantity
  • Setting X, Y, and Z offsets,
  • Setting rotation axis order
  • Setting X, Y, and Z rotations
  • Selecting the scale type (Uniform/Non-Uniform)
  • Setting scale factor (for uniform scale)
  • Setting X, Y, and Z scale factors (for non-uniform scale)
  • Selecting scale sequence (Exponential/Linear)

General Usage Instructions

  1. Goto Create menu and Select Clone command
  2. Select the bodies for cloning
  3. Change the clone settings
  4. Press Ok button